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Process of Creation

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The illustrations of Philippe Jan-Beroca are unique works that combine the traditional drawing to digital drawing. He gives a special place to portraits. From existing documents, he redesigns and reworks the models using graphics software to achieve their final form.


Our selection includes portraits, places and objects from his own imagination.


On our site, you will find exclusively prints numbered from 1 to 50, carefully printed on Fine Art paper, laminated on Dibond.


Two formats are available, accompanied by framing options under anti-reflective glass, with or without a mat.

Originals are reserved for galleries.


What is a fine art print?

Above all, it is a guarantee of quality. 

The term designates a digital print, made on a “fine art” type paper based on natural fibers, and suitable for inkjet printing.

Encres pigmentaires
encre pigmentaires illustrations philippe jan beroca

Pigment inks

Only pigment inks can ensure good conservation of prints over time.


Epson Ultrachrome HDR and K3 inks (pigment ink encapsulated in resin) are used to print our illustrations and wallpapers.

Impression HQ

High print quality

Our prints are printed on Fine Art paper composed of 60% hemp fibers. It seduces with its naturally bright white tone. The slightly textured surface gives a silky paper, pleasant to the touch. Colors and details are perfectly rendered, black seduces with its depth and contrasts are magnificently reproduced. Acid and lignin free, its conservation level is exceptional (over 100 years old). 

papiersfineart jbwallgraphics
Contrecollage dibond
dibond de philippe jan beroca
Picto colle dibond

Laminating on Dibond

Dibond remains the preferred collage medium for galleries because of its resolutely contemporary appearance. He meets the highest requirements for strength and durability.

Fine Art prints are glued to a rigid aluminum plate using invisible double-sided adhesive. Two hanging bars are attached to the rear. These can be replaced by a retractable chassis on request.


1. Fine Art Printing Paper

2. Aluminum plate

3. Polyethylene core

4. Aluminum plate

Contrecollage dibond
oeuvre de philippe jan beroca
picto oeuil

Anti-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass, also known as museum glass, protects works of art on display in museums and galleries. It is invisible and produces no reflection, whatever the viewing angle. With its anti-UV properties, it protects paper and colors from deterioration


The frames, made in France, consist of a thin 15x15mm black-lacquered wooden strip and a hanging system.


A thick, acid-free white mat is available as an option, to prevent the print from fading.

Impressions en série

Limited series prints with certificate of authenticity

The limited series print offers exclusivity and rarity to the illustration due to the limited number of copies signed by the artist and numbered, delivered with their certificate of authenticity. This makes it an almost unique piece. The prints are printed with great attention to detail. This guarantees an exceptional rendering of the original work.

The illustrations of Philippe Jan-Beroca in partnership with Lebolabo based in Bordeaux are certified Canson and Digigraphie and printed in a maximum of 50 copies.

picto label papier canson
label qualité jbwallgraphics
lebolabo partenaire jbwallgraphics
tirages limités jbwallgraphics
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